Mindfulness Meditations

water drop 3On this page you will find mindfulness meditation exercises that will help you in many ways. If you like you can record them yourself and then play them back. Or just study the text and then do the meditation. You can also download high quality mp3 meditation audio programs at Light Unlimited Publishing. I will reference and provide you with links for the audio programs I suggest for different purposes.

If you have any questions about meditation & mindfulness please free to ask them in the comments section here or on the Question & Answer Page.

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How to Meditate

Ever since human beings have been attempting to understand their universe and their true nature they have been meditating. There are hundreds if not thousands of meditation methods. Some are specific to certain religions. Some are designed with a particular goal or purpose.

I am going to share with you some simple mindfulness meditation practices that will be easy to do and easy to implement in your daily life. In other articles I will share with you some other meditation practices that are more specific in purpose or for experiencing profound states of awareness.

We shall begin with some beginning mindfulness meditation exercises.

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