Welcome To Enlightenment and Mindfulness

I have had many requests to start writing again about spiritual insights, meditation, mindfulness, lessons and practices for you to experience Enlightenment. So here I will do so. I will do my best to add a new article or posting each month.

handing the world to youThe articles and writings here are about the experience of Enlightenment, not an intellectual or theoretical discussion about Enlightenment. There are thousands of books and websites devoted to those pursuits. The human mind loves those discussions because they distract from really experiencing Enlightenment, from surrender. The intellect will do everything and anything to avoid being dissolved into Nothingness, into Being. But, in the end, experiencing your Real Identity demands that total and complete surrender of everything you have ever identified with. Including all that wonderful accumulated knowledge about Enlightenment.

Many years ago a wonderful teacher instructed me to never teach what I had not experienced myself and proven to be true again and again and again. I have done my very best to live by that rule. It has served me well. So everything I have written here is from my personal experience. If it is something I have heard from others or theory I will note that.

I have also decided to make myself available for workshops and lectures about Experiencing Enlightenment and Mindfulness as well as applications for this in business and personal life. Feel free to contact me if you would like to sponsor such an event.

Feel free to ask questions here as well. I will do my best to answer them as soon as possible. Remember, your questions will be public for all to see and learn from so it you are asking something very personal you might want to contact me directly. Also, please do not insert any URL’s into your posts. They will be deleted.

I am listening.

18 thoughts on “Welcome To Enlightenment and Mindfulness

  1. Oh, Jon Shore, I finally found you again!!!! My spirit has been calling your name. How happy I am to know that you are back at your true work…the blessings you left with me continue. I look forward with joy to a deepened spiritual connection.

  2. i really need your help, i have been doing meditation daily before i sleep for almost 2 months. i can feel tingling sensation on my nose bridge between my eyebrows, i can control that feeling by focusing on it. after 2 months of meditating this feeling became normal and easy for me to control, i sometimes feel this sensation while driving in the morning to collage. but i don’t know why am feeling it while not meditating.
    but my question here is “why i didn’t progress at all in meditating, and why my third eye isn’t opening after all that effort i did in 2 months ?”

    i also focus on a candle’s flame for 2 min and then i see a small red circle in my mind but it fades too fast.

    i really appreciate your answers for my questions
    because i feel like im lost and i dont know anyone to guide me😦

    thank you alot

    • Hello,

      You seem to be focused on some small distractions. It is fine to experience these sensations and visions and fine to explore them. But it is best not to be distracted by them.

      Watch these events. Watch the tingling sensation. Watch the red circle come and then fade. Watch the hands become heavy.

      Then step back from all of this. Ask yourself, “Who is watching?” Do not judge anything. Nothing is good or bad. Right or wrong. These are just experiences, nothing more or less. “Who is watching?”

      Little by little feel who is watching? The more you relax in your meditations the easier it will be to feel and to step back from what you are observing.

      At first you will experience yourself as an objective observer. This may last for a while. Eventually you will experience yourself as the observing itself. This will last for a while as well. Finally you will experience something much greater and more wonderful. You will know it when you experience it.

      Be patient with yourself. This process can take days or years. Try some of the meditations I have posted here. They will help you a great deal.

      I hope this is helpful.

      Take care

  3. hi I suffer from depression.I take my meds like im suppost too. Im working with a countsler.Im at wites end .I have a job, car,home two boys I love more that life itself really more than LIFE. Im tired like i’ve never been before I like to think im the freind i would like to have.I have skills far and above some.I’ve been a mental ward Im nonvilent i feel like im just breathing and eating working to keep from from being homeless.I so wanted god to be the answer but to no prevale the pastor seems to think people should dust youself off and get back at it.I dont know how to meditate.If anyone can help I would be so greatful.

    • Dear Bill,

      I am so sorry to hear that you are suffering with this depression. I know it very well and I am sure you can get out of it.
      It is good that you are working with a counselor.
      Please read the book I have posted here at this website. https://1ness4u.wordpress.com/books/freedom-from-suffering-a-spiritual-approach/.
      Read it carefully and practice every exercise, meditation and life style change.
      You can get rid of the depression but it will take a lot of work on your part.

      I know you feel tired and without resources. The depression tells you that you are worthless and that you do not have the energy to get beyond it. But these are lies. It tells you many things that are not true. You have everything you need to get beyond the depression. Maybe it will be worthwhile to show your therapist this website and ask him/her to help you use these methods.

      You can learn to meditate easily. It is not complicated. You can try some of the meditations here at this site or you can work with some guided meditation trainings. Begin with Meditation 1 and Meditation 2. Then work with these mp3s for dealing with depression.

      You can do this Bill. One day you will look back on this time in your life and laugh. But you will be much more sensitive and understanding when others come to you and tell you that they are depressed. You will know what to say to them and how to help them get out of it.

      Take care

  4. Hi Jon, thank for sharing your previous suggestions for others and now Im thinking of doing meditation! There’s some other problem that I hope you can help me solve. It’s about self-blame maybe that linked with my depression several years ago. I cured my depression myself from pills and try to build positive thinking habbits, I thought I cured that several years ago but maybe not so completely. Now I find it became my habbit that I always blame myself about the past experience, no matter it’s really necessary to blame or not, I just can’t control it. And I find myself unconciously repeat that: I don’t know either. I always repeat it, sometimes several times a day.
    I just wonder if you can give me some suggestions how to cure that?
    Best regards!

    • Hello,

      It is really great that you are aware of that statement repeating itself in your mind. This is a good step forward.

      Please tell me exactly what you are being told in your mind.
      Examine the statements carefully. Who or what is making those statements in your mind?
      Give it a form. What does it look like? What does it want from you?

      These are the questions to ask and the answers to seek.

      Tell me what answers you can now.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Take care

  5. Hey Jon,
    I had depression before one year. I couldn’t sleep anymore and my whole thoughts during night were suicidal. I went to a therapist and I had to take antidepressivia.Things went good after that until I started to reduce the medikaments until I stopped them , then I started to go back in the same cycle low self esteem, bad memories, low self confidence and now I cannt sleep again. I don’t have sucidal thought like before , but I feel like my head is going to explode with thoughts I get breaked down easily, I remember every bad thing that has been done or told to me. I cannt concentrate. I feel like my head is full .I look always tired especially after I wake upi just want to know is it normal to feel such things after stopping the antidepressant ?? Or shoul I go back taking them

    • Dear Nashwan,

      I usually do not recommend anti-depressant medication to my clients. My 40 years of experience has taught me that anti-depressants only cover up the depression. It still takes dealing properly with the depression through therapy to get rid of it. I certainly cannot diagnose or recommend medications to you one way or another since I have not seen you as a client. But if you are willing to try a psychological/spiritual approach to dealing with depression then the tools are here at this website to begin that process. I would suggest starting with some of the articles on depression and then reading the Freedom From Suffering book at this site. You could also work every day with the guided meditation, Leaving Behind the Darkness at http://www.lightunlimitedpublishing.com.

      From what you have said in your post I strongly recommend you, at least, read the book online here and see if those insights are not helpful for you. Try it. It cannot hurt and you may find answers to your questions and those overwhelming thoughts in your mind.

      Take care

  6. Hey Jon

    i Have had depression for almost two or three years. I have started taking anti-depressant medication before six months , and i really feel better. however my doctor have told me latly to start reducing them, but another doctor told me its still early since i had depression for along time. whats you advice for me?

    • Dear Elina,

      I am not a physician and am not aware of the details of your case. But if you are open to a spiritual approach to getting rid of the depression then I would suggest you begin doing the program outlined in the Freedom From Suffering Book. Begin today. Then, as you feel better you can discuss with your doctor lowering your medications and eventually going off medication.

      For your existing situation, I would suggest you have both doctors speak with each other and then make a recommendation to you. The more information they have the better their advice should be. It is very important that you do not just stop taking anti-depressants.

      When you do come off the anti-depressants it is very important that you have a good way of dealing with the depression and are able to get rid of it. Anti-depressants do not cure depression. Sometimes they help you feel better though and that can be helpful for a while. Use this time to become really good at dissolving shadows and feeling better about yourself. Then, when you come off the medications, you will still feel fine and be free of depression.

      I hope this is helpful. Let me know if you have further questions or need support.

      Take care

  7. Hi Jon
    Wonder if you could help? I’ve been doing Mindfulness (6 week CD by Mark Williams) for more than a year. I stopped for a few weeks around the 7th month as I was not able to sleep and began to experience a high pitched noise in my hearing. I started up again telling myself that on the nights I could not sleep, to take sleeping tablets (Valerian) and as for the high pitched noises, just to accept, which I have. But now, the problem is that although while meditating I experience a peacefulness, to the point of not ‘feeling’ my hands or feet, I am left irritable and at times angry when I come out of it. I affirm to myself while meditating that I am a peaceful soul and towards the end, I visualize myself wrapped in a white cloth or cloud and imagine the crucifix being placed on my forehead. But I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong or perhaps to stop meditating for a while. What do you think?
    Many blessings to you.

    • You do not need to stop meditating. It may be that you need to change your meditation. I would suggest trying the one here, https://1ness4u.wordpress.com/meditation/relaxation-stillness-and-awareness-the-beginning/. Then do the next one and the one after that. Work with each meditation for about a week before moving on to the next.

      By doing this you will learn to watch your emotions and physical sensations without them affecting you.

      It may also be that you need to change the imagery that you use during your meditations. It may be that these images are conflicting with other beliefs you may have.

      Let me know if you need any further suggestions. I am glad to help.

      Take care.

    • 15 minutes is just fine. Most important is to really feel the peace or comfort. Sometimes I just commit myself to feeling my Self and I meditate until that happens and then continue the meditation until it feels like time to move on with the day or go to sleep no matter how long it takes. I do my best to continue that mindfulness throughout the day or night then.

      Try it.

  8. Hi Jon, my girlfriend and mother of my children come across you on the internet, I’m a weed smoker, started smokin in 1988, aged 9, I’m now 33 and experiencing big problems now I’m trying to stop, sleep, anger quiet bad, not in a good place at the moment and need some real help, iv seen my gp and seems to b a dead end, if u can help I would really like to take it, thanks david,

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