Chapter 1 – The Language of the Soul

Using metaphor and feelings to communicate with your unconscious and deep inner Self and to deal with suffering.

Whether you speak and think in English, German, Mandarin, Thai, Hindi, Russian or another language, your unconscious mind and your Self, or Soul, communicate using imagery, metaphors and feelings. The unconscious and Self speak to you using metaphors and feelings that it hopes you will understand. You experience this most often in your dreams. If you are able to understand the metaphors and feelings from your dreams you will be able to ‘hear’ and to understand your unconscious and, sometimes, your Soul. The fact is that most of what you experience in your day to day life can also be seen as metaphors that express your beliefs, filters, maps, sub-conscious mind, emotions and whatever else you want to call the accumulation of information and experience you have amassed during your lifetime.

You usually identify yourself as this accumulation of experiences and call it ‘me’, ‘I’, ‘my mind’ or your name. But you are much more than this and the best way to discover who and what you really are is by learning and using the language of the Soul; imagery, metaphors and feelings. The feelings I refer to are not emotions. They are much deeper than emotions. I use the word feelings because there is no better word I can find in the English language.

Shadows are an expression in the language of the Self as are the metaphors and feelings of darkness, light, goodness and evil. To make the most of the practices in this book it is beneficial to use imagery to see, feel and hear these shadows as well as all the other metaphors presented to you.

Remember that no matter how real

the shadows and darkness feel

that they are only parts of the landscape

of imagery and metaphor and that

you can get rid of them

once you understand them.

 With all of that in mind and for the sake of this experiment, just imagine that there are dark ‘creatures’ existing just beyond your physical senses that feed on pain, fear, anger, depression and all the other negative emotions. These ‘creatures’ or thought forms also do what they can to perpetuate these feelings in humanity so that they are assured of a continuing source of sustenance. What do you think would happen if you decided to stop feeding them? What would happen if you began dissolving them rather than allowing them to control your life?

Whether you conceive of this darkness as metaphoric ‘creatures’, thought forms or energy does not matter. What does matter is your acknowledgement the metaphors of darkness and discernment of what is true and real.

Ultimately, darkness is not real.
All that’s real is God/Infinite Love.

But as long as humanity accepts the inevitability of anger, fear, pain and self-doubt, then this darkness will continue to be real and will continue to affect us all. Merely calling it a lie, denying its existence or ignoring it will not make it disappear. There are ways, though, to dissolve this darkness and keep it from being a part of your life. That’s what this book is all about.

The teachings are all based upon two simple spiritual principles…

Principle One

You are a pure, perfect, pristine
Spirit having a human experience,
Not a human having
Spiritual experiences.

The Spirit or Soul that you are exists beyond time and space, is immortal and knows Itself to be One with God. In truth, the Soul is an expression of the Divine.

You are an expression of the Divine right this very moment.

The Spirit that you are is untouched by anything that has occurred during a human sojourn. It has nothing to learn since It is all that It could ever be. The Soul that you are has no fear, no anger, no depression, no sadness no self-doubt nor shadows of any sort.

The shadows define who and what you are by being what you are not.
That is their only purpose.

As long as you identify yourself as a human being in a physical world, darkness will seem very real. Shadows can only appear when we identify ourselves as physical, limited, mortal, human beings. The body you call yours is made of Energy, Light, Divine Light. So, in reality, you are Light… Spirit, an expression of God.

Principle Two

God is Infinite Love, Truth, Light,Joy, Peace, Abundance, Goodness
And God is All.
Therefore all that is real and true is Love.

All That Is, God is Being.

Simple as that. If it doesn’t look, taste, feel or smell like an expression of Infinite Love, then it probably isn’t real. There is no darkness in God/Infinite Love.

Darkness is a shadow that defines Infinite Love, but darkness is not real
nor is it any part of God.

This in no way discounts the ‘reality’ of the suffering you may be experiencing. Until you come to an experiential understanding of these two spiritual principles, this darkness is very real and can torment you unceasingly. It can cause perpetual illness and suffering in your life. At the very least, the shadows will distract you from fulfilling all the purposes you came to physical existence with and will leave you feeling regrets with it is time to ‘go’.

Freedom through Deductive Reasoning

We learn about most things in our lives through deductive reasoning.

We learn what love is by experiencing what love is not.
We learn what truth is by experiencing what truth is not.
We learn who we are by experiencing who we are not.

Shadows are what we are not. As in the above examples, shadows allow us to know who and what we are and understand the nature of the universe through deductive reasoning. Ask yourself this question;

If there is no pain, fear, anger, self-doubt, depression nor any other shadow in who I am, then who am I?

Ask yourself this question all day, every day for the next few weeks. Feel for the answer. Do not depend on your intellect alone. This is one way to use shadows for their intended purpose. When you begin to feel the Truth of who you are, the shadows will begin to dissolve. Try it as an experiment. See what happens. Set aside the intellect’s philosophical arguments about the concepts. Just try the experiment.

Shadow, darkness is not your other half, your friend, your inner child nor any other part of you. It is just a metaphor for your opposite. If you use it to remind yourself of the Spirit that you are, it becomes powerless. If you fight with it, embrace it, fear it, succumb to it, deny it or ignore it, you will give it power it never had and it will feed on you and control your life.

The way out of suffering is a short path. The journey on that path must be a devoted and focused one however.

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.
Thomas Jefferson

If you would like to use a guided meditation mp3 to help you work with dissolving shadows download,
Leaving Behind the Darkness, by clicking on the cover below.

Backward Forwardleaving behind the darkness cover sm

2 thoughts on “Chapter 1 – The Language of the Soul

  1. “If there is no pain, fear, anger, self-doubt, depression nor any other
    shadow in who I am, then who am I?

    Ask yourself this question all day, every day for the next few weeks. Feel for the answer. Do not depend on your intellect alone.”
    This is very similar to spiritual inquriy, isnt it? Its like, you ask a question in meditation and you get an answer from Spirit. I’ve tried doing this smany times before and have not as of yet gotten an answer. I dont know if Im doing it wrong, not putting enough time/energy towards it, etc. It could also be that I feel like I wouldnt trust any answer that came up, because it could just be something false, you know?
    Could you please talk more about this? Do you know any books that show you exactly how to do it?
    Thank you Maggie


    • Hello Maggie,

      Great question.

      Take a deep breath and relax for a moment.

      First of all, you are not asking a question of Spirit. You are asking it of yourSelf. This is a combination of deductive reasoning of the human intellect plus the experience of your Soul, your Self. You are going to go beyond the idea that there are two of you. You and Spirit. There is only one.

      It is not a matter of time and energy you put into it. It is more a matter of focus, honesty and the willingness to completely surrender to what you discover. When you truly discover that you are already One with the Infinite Universe then all of this will make perfect sense.

      Deductive reasoning is based on the concept that if one carefully and honestly examines all possibilities and then discards them as not the truth, the one remaining possibility that cannot be discarded, no matter how unlikely, must be the truth. In terms of spiritual experience, I am suggesting we apply this concept to our spiritual ‘search’ or Self discovery.
      If we examine all the million things that we are not we will be left with what we are. This can take a lifetime or more, or it can take a few days. Don’t worry about the time involved. Just do it.

      You are not seeking an answer. Just assume at the beginning that all


      to what you experience is not who you really are. Keep discarding reactions to every experience or feeling as not who and what you are. Keep ‘stepping back’ like in the 4th meditation on this website.
      You do not need to buy any new books. But if you feel that you need some guidance you can download the Leaving Behind the Darkness/Walking Into the Light meditations here:

      We all try to understand concepts with our intellects first and then, if they feel safe, we might proceed with some experiential experiment. Unfortunately, your intellect is never going to understand this process because your intellect is only capable of understanding experiences in your human world. We all must take a leap of faith into that which we do not understand to discover and experience our Oneness with All That Is.

      I hope this answer helps. Please do not hesitate to ask more questions. But first, try what I have suggested rather than trying to understand it. Try the meditations and work with them first rather than trying to understand the concepts first. In spiritual quests, the experience comes first, the understanding comes after. Always.

      Take care.


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